Our Three Pillars


The first is Discipline, which requires being true to our contrarian, value-oriented model, and knowing when to be cautious and when to lean in to great investment ideas.


The second is Complexity, which we harness to capture value in idiosyncratic opportunities which others are either unwilling or unable to tackle.


The third is Creativity, with idea generation fundamental to our work, whether it be the way we hedge risk, execute transactions, or develop new strategic initiatives for investors in our funds.

Flexible Investment Model

Dax Capital’s investing team believes it has achieved its successful investment record by quickly adapting to changing market environments through its flexible investment approach, centered around three primary pathways to capturing value, including opportunistic and strategic use of proprietary investing systems, using cutting edge market indicators combined with sophisticated hedging and leverage techniques, and innovative tactical and strategic capabilities to protect against market downturns

Trading Style for the fund

The investing strategies utilized within the fund are based upon trading stocks and derivatives – options. We look to minimize our exposure of risk in the market by gaining an intimate understanding of a stock’s ATR (Average Trading Range), KPPs (Key Pivot Points), and other vital technical patterns that provide insight into investor sentiment. These analytical tools, along with other indicators are combined into a proprietary trading algorithm unique to Dax Capital. Our goal is to uncover opportunities that limit our risk and offer a high-probability of positive returns on the trade.
Inaddition to our proprietary trading algorithm a variable that differentiates us from other funds is that we are market-trend agnostic. We are not afraid of admitting we are wrong on a particular thesis, but rather our goal is to keep our losses and draw downs to a minimum. Our trading style and profitability does not rely on a bullish market, we flow with the market and trade whatever we deem as high-probability trade set-ups – these trades could be bullish, bearish, or neutral.

Why invest with Dax Capital Partners?

Whyinvest with Dax Capital Partners? We are not satisfied with mediocre results or market averages. Our goal is to set a new standard and expectation for the industry. Those fortunate enough to invest with us will have a team that is focused on leading the industry in terms of performance year-in and year-out.
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