Bruce Dinger

Bruce Dinger

Managing Director, Chief Investment Strategist

With over 30 years experience in public markets Bruce has developed proprietary trading algorithm’s which yield world-class results for his funds. Bringing his proven track record to Dax Capital, Bruce has been the sole Market Strategist and Trader for hedge funds which have consistently outperformed the market by wide margins over the past four years.

While Bruce may be a professional trader of the markets, he is primarily a Risk Manager in everything he does. He leverages his knowledge of the financial markets to maximize profitability while minimizing exposure to negative market conditions.

His investment style focuses on the correlation between the sustainable growth of the company and present and future valuation. Bruce has gathered this experience first-hand by being in the trenches – not from sitting behind a desk. Bruce’s expertise spans from coaching some of the world’s largest enterprises to launching several successful start-ups, helping them achieve exponential growth, to eventually being acquired by publicly traded companies.He knows firsthand how to take a product/service to market, gain traction, and successfully grow the business. This ground level experience, combined with his proprietary analytical model and advanced investing and derivatives strategies make Bruce one of the world’s best performing fund managers and one who gets results regardless of broader market trends.

Bruce’s passion is to create generational wealth using multiple revenue models. For much of his career he has dedicated himself to investing education as an in-demand lecturer around the world. Fluent in Chinese, his ethos is to improve world-wide financial literacy–which he has done through mentorship programs, international educational platforms, and designing investing educational programs for the public. Bruce’s ability to unlock the mysteries of the markets, investing, and successful business strategies have made him a highly sought after mentor and advisor to individuals and corporations alike.

Bruce is many things: a serial entrepreneur, a trader, a financial advisor, a hedge fund manager, a public speaker, and educator. Most importantly, he is a wealth builder.

With undergraduate degrees from National Taiwan University and San Jose State University in Chinese, Asian Studies and International Business, and an MBA from Regis University; and with 30+ years of experience in public market investing, Bruce brings a unique and diverse background and business acumen to the management of Dax Capital.

Our Three Pillars


The first is Discipline, which requires being true to our contrarian, value-oriented model, and knowing when to be cautious and when to lean in to great investment ideas.


The second is Complexity, which we harness to capture value in idiosyncratic opportunities which others are either unwilling or unable to tackle.


The third is Creativity, with idea generation fundamental to our work, whether it be the way we hedge risk, execute transactions, or develop new strategic initiatives for investors in our funds.

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